Front-End Focus is based on a series of studies that involve extensive store audits, collection of sales data on multiple categories, in-store consumer observations and interviews, and analysis of retailer merchandising performance.

  • Grocery Channel
    • The Front-End Focus Grocery study was conducted in partnership with 8 leading retailers representing 5500 stores and over 20% of U.S. Food ACV.
    • Retailers provided SKU level sales data for 565 stores during a 6 month timeframe.
    • Checkout plan-o-grams were collected & all stores were audited at the lane level to identify merchandising conditions
    • In-Store interviews were done with 1,326 consumers and was conducted relative to checkout attitudes & purchase behavior
    • The study included checkout performance analysis of Regular, Express & Self-Checkout lanes
    • The study includes data on over twenty major categories:







Salty Snacks

Nutrition / Granola



Meat / Other Snacks



Razors / Blades


Oral Care

Cosmetics / HBC



Lip Care


Phone Cards

Audio / Video


Carbonated Beverages

Other General Merchandise


Non-Carbonated Beverages


    • The study was designed to address key questions regarding the Front-End including:
      • What is the value of the Front-End checkout? How profitable is it?
      • What categories are driving Front-End checkout sales & profits?
      • What categories should I stock on the Front-End?
      • Should I merchandise differently at the Regular, Express, and Self-Checkouts Lanes?
      • How many Beverage coolers do I need in my stores?
      • What is the value of following Best Practices?”
      • How many items should I carry at the Front-End?
      • What is the right amount of merchandising space?
      • How much space should I provide to Confectionery, Magazines & GM/HBC?
      • What does an optimum Front-End look like?


  • Convenience Channel
    • A national sample of 1100 C-stores were audited to gauge current C-store marketing and merchandising patterns.
    • The Convenience Store Merchandising Study was conducted in partnership with 5 leading C-Store retail groups.
    • Retailers provided SKU level sales data for 200 stores during a 6 month timeframe.
    • 900 consumers were interviewed in-store to gain insight on attitudes and buying behavior in C-Stores
    • Consumer movement in and out of the store was tracked based on 1,300 in-store and 2,600 exterior observations
    • Sales data was collected and analyzed from 200 stores on single serve snack items including:


Nuts / Seeds



Baked Goods





Potato Chips



Corn / Tortilla Chips

Nutrition / Energy bars


Other Salty Snacks

Meat Snacks

    • Consumer buying information was also collected for the following categories:




Tobacco Accessories



Carbonated Beverages

Film / Cameras


Non-Carbonated Beverages

Razor Blades


Bottled Water


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